Personal conference number with Twilio + Dropbox

A couple years ago I got sick of conference numbers. You have to dial, then you need a pass code, and then a leader code too. This is all crazy. I just want a number I can share with people so we can have a conference call. The easiest hack I found was the use of Twilio with Dropbox to create my own personal unique conference number. I can share it and people can dial in, no pass-codes, no leader codes required. I wanted to share this step-by-step guide as I was recently asked how I did this.

Create a new file called “conference.xml” in the Dropbox/Public directory. The contents of that file should be..

    <Say>Welcome to Ski’s Conference Number</Say>

Replace “Welcome to Ski’s Conference Number” with your own personal message.

Save the file and on the mac right-click on the file and click “Copy Public Url”.

In Twilio create a new number that supports voice. I chose a toll-free 877 number.

After creating the number you will have the editor. For the Voice option, select “URL” from the drop-down. For Voice Request URL paste in the URL you copied from Dropbox.

Save. You’re done.

Now anyone can dial into this number. If it is the first person on the call, they will hear a little tune. Once the second caller dials in, everyone will be connected. 

This is super cheap. Frankly, I don’t know how much it costs because the bill is so small it doesn’t really register.

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